Iconologia (Workshop)

EVENT and Collaboration

Mamoru Okuno and I will work  in parallel to create that event… Exchange about human being and combine to feel the beauty of life.

You can see more to the Mamoru’s blog here. and english details here.

Where : ift project room in Osaka
3-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka Nakatsu 21-15

Date: 2days
October 23 (Fri) 19:00 —
October 24 (Sat) 15:00 —

Fee 2,000 yen (We provide snacks and drinks!)

Maximum capacity of about 10 participants each day (15 MAX)

Reservations required: (Friday or Saturday) on the mamoru@afewnotes.com Please indicate your email.

Cell icons in Japan

Description of Iconology WorkShop:

Icons are deeply related with our daily life.

Icons are these images wich are used as tool, languages or attributes to manage devices and navigated inside systems such as the Web.

So the workshop I am proposing shall explore  how composed human values with icons from Web or simply from Cell phone application, such as Rss feed(Wifi), refresh symbol, stars, bubble, chains, earth, just to say few examples.example of Web Icons_2009

Notes :

Today, my work  is in the field Web art . My art research is a study about the parallel between humanism and the Web 2.0 culture.

To figure out the humanism form, my approach consists in a constant observation of Web culture. I visited and explored as well as I can the popular Web plateforms related with the social network. I mean : Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Naver, Mixi, Google, Cyworld, Wikipedia, blogs and also cellphones applications related with that network.

In the same time I am work to upgrade my own understanding of humanism. That’s how I could composed my first version of Web Iconology (2 weeks  residency in Haslla art World ). This iconology reveals my present humanism’s conception.

Well, as I did that icons, I invited you to use icons from the Web and from cell phones to figure out your idea of human values.

Moreover, we can understand that icons project as a kind of Kanjis.

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  1. What is interesting to me the fact that there seems to be connecected between arts and sound. Is she a sound artist? Wow~I think that it will be a interesting work. Can’t wait!

    • Hi S.J Lee,
      Thank you for your wonderfull interest!!! Hope you are doing well and hope to see you again as soon as possible. To ask you, Mamoru’s creating sound, installation and performance. You can visit his Blog and heard some of his sounds.

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